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JFC Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to announce the Assist-a-Grip.
Assist-a-Grip is a firmly hinged; hand held, tough plastic, personal weight-equipment accessory.  Measuring about 4 inches long and 8 inches in diameter, Assist-a-Grip is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of each hand.  The designed heel-pad enhances leverage and ease in weight resistance.

Assist-a-Grip is designed with 3 self-adjusting circumferences to fit safely and snuggly on most weight equipment.  With a snap / click it's secured onto made eights and weight training equipment.

Assist-a-Grip attaches securely to most weight equipment, from dumbbells and barbells to all types of gym equipment.  Assist-a-Grip reduces "grip fatigue" from clenched, tight fisted gripping because of its open-grip technology design.  Open grip means 30% POWER TRANSFER to intended, targeted muscle groups.

The Assist-a-Grip may help those who suffer from:

  • arthritis
  • paralysis
  • other physical limits
The Assist-a-Grip can be used for:
  • crutches
  • walkers
  • handles
  • tools
  • household and gardening equipment
  • handlebars
The Assist-A-Grip is being used effectively:
  • Physicians & Therapists
  • Sports Medicine
  • Preventative and post OP of Carpal Tunnel
  • Occupational, Physical Therapy
  • Strength Conditioning
  • Personal Training
  • Home Fitness
  • Home Medical devices
  • Kitchen household
  • gardening and lawn care
  • childcare
  • tool bench
  • sporting goods
  • Assisted Living facilities
  • Senior Communities
  • weights
  • stationary machines
  • pulleys
  • stretch bands
  • jump ropes
Assist-A-Grip Ordering Info
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without strap
with strap

We ship Assit-A-Grips via USPS first class mail within USA.  Only US orders, contact sales for international shipping. 

Please allow 7-10 business days for processing and shipping once order has been received.

*This shipping costs do not apply to wholesale orders.